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  • Keep Calm – Board game

    A worldwide popular game in which each player must try to make the host laugh. To achieve this, simply finish the sentence proposed by the host with a witty ending to make him/her smile. The easy rules of the game mean that you can unleash your fantasy and as this game is for adults you don’t have to limit your imagination- especially as you stand even better chances of creating a truly comical experience. But do not rejoice, because next time you might be the host!

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  • 100 grams for bravery – Board game

    From the author: I can see, a group of merry people here, who don’t object to drinking, yet someone must stay sober. With your permission, I would like to be your sober host. I will not drink, I promise, I will just help with tips and will keep track of how you perform the tasks. You will find my comments on the face of each card- so it will be easier for you to follow them, and it will be easier for me too. However, if my assignments seem too difficult for you, you can always have 50g for courage. In the game, you will find numerous intriguing tasks that bear a compulsory prize – 50g. Win, drink and play- Cheers!

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  • Never ever!!! – Board game

    You have never wished for more luck! Especially now when you don’t have the control over having to perform a task (which you have publicly declared to have never ever had any affinity for) or having to remove a piece of clothing. You will find that the more clothes you lose, the more your desire to do as the cards say increases! Our unanumoisly agreed conclusion is “Never say never”!

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  • Truth or Dare? – Board game

    What would you prefer – to reveal your darkest secrets or to bite your mate’s nose? I would think that biting the nose of your wide-eyed friend is not the most terrible alternative. Now if the choice was between your secrets or showing your underwear to your friends, then you would give it a second thought. As Berthold Schwarz said in the 15 century when they undressed him before torturing him: “Secrets are secrets, but my underwear is more dear to me”.

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  • Erotic Pantomime – Board game

    Erotic Pantomime – it doesn’t need to be erotic though, although, some tasks would be difficult to perform without erotic movements. Sometimes you’ll have to perform the task with another person and choose that person in advance. We named it “group erotic pantomime”! I don’t know how you imagine it, but the process of the game will be intriguing. To make it even better, we added the condition that when you fail to fulfil a task, you will be required to remove a piece of clothing – towards the end of the game everyone will look different!

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