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  • View Point- Board game

    Are you ready to learn the whole truth about yourself? Do you know how your friends describe you in a narrow circle and what they say about you in the presence of strangers? If not, then the time has come for you to find out. And even better, you also have the opportunity to express your opinion about your friends too. No one takes offense from anyone, because everything takes place anonymously! It is a suitable place and time to express your opinion delicately and to learn new things about yourself. I am sure that it would be a lot of fun…

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  • Compatible Incompatibility – Board game

    How to match incompatibilities? It’s very simple – just don’t be too serious about it! As you are a merry group of people, you should have fun and forget about being adults (although the game is for adults only!) and select the most unusual and funny combination of cards that are in your possession. The laughter of the others and the additional points will be a good prize for your wit!

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  • Tipsy Head – Board game

    Before you gather at the table, I suggest that you place your orders for drinks and snacks. It won’t be easy for the simple reason that our menu is not big and you don’t only have to order, you also have to confirm you order by grabbing the bottle or the cucumber before everyone else. And we advise you to do all that while sober, because later it will be way too difficult.

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  • Drink City – Board game

    Here, you can take an unforgettable evening walk around the city at a temperature of +400 In the course of the game, you will have to visit restaurants, discos, strip clubs and of course, the library. And if you are unlucky – a police station or a drunk tank. To have fun, you do not need money but resourcefulness and artistry. After all, how will you persuade the drunk tank employee not to disclose your adventures to your superiors?

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  • Board game Who am I

    Are you ready for a transformation? I am obliged to ask you because I know the contents of these cards and what tests and surprises await those who will look in the eyes of the truth and guess what they have on their forehead. As they say: “It’s written on the forehead!” – A special headband is placed on the player’s head; the image of an item, a person, or even a picture of something intimate is placed in the headband’s slot. This is what everyone else but you will be seeing, all you have to do is figure out who you are!

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